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12 hours

ICCM LS #4 is one of six intercontinental cruise missile stations at the United States McKerna Missile Base in Alaska. The main base consists of a variety of reinforced structures such as the barracks, the mess, the motor pool, and the offices. While these structures are important for day to day life, the most important structures of the base are the undeground ICCM launch stations. Each launch station is a self contained environment capable of sustaining a four person crew for up to thirty days without access to external food, air, power, and water sources.


Each station is armed with six Lance ICCMs which are capable of striking deep into the territory of the former Soviet Union, should the need arise. These ICCMs are capable of carrying a wide range of payloads, but they are typically loaded with either nuclear or biological warheads.

Conditions at McKerna Missile Base in 2055

The McKerna Missile Base was constructed in 2024 as a sort of “Cuban Missile Crisis” erupted when US spy satellites detected what were believed to be missile launch sites being set up just across form Alaska. To make matters worse, while a UN inspection team was on its way to the republic a civil war broke out in the former republic, leaving the US with no single authority to deal with.

Five personnel are located at McKerna Missile Base where one is a Synth, S200AR.
This leaves the playing field open for five players to take part in an apocalyptic nuclear scenario.

You are waiting to be relieved at the underground silo bunker in a few hours. You have been down in the bunker for the last four days and return back to your ordinary lives off base. Whatever goes as normal in 2055 that is.

The scenario is from LaBossier’s End Time.
Pregenerated characters will be provided.

The Game Is Run Off-Site

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